Ways to Help Fund Your Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Funding a cosmetic dental service can be challenging since the procedures are not considered medically necessary. As a result, organizations that financially support dental procedures for those in need generally prefer to pay more for procedures with direct medical benefits. When looking for ways to fund a cosmetic dental service, it is important to be wary of organizations whose operations are scams.

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For example, Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) has a website that refers people to dentists in the CDG network at discounted rates. The problem is that the dentists charge inflated rates for services referred by CDG. The result is that patients often pay more out of pocket after the discounts than they would have by going to an honest dentist.

Several methods of obtaining a lower-cost cosmetic dental service include having the work performed at a dental school. Dental schools often charge half the price charged by a licensed dentist. Another option is to look for dentists offering discount programs in which patients pay a fee for preventive care while receiving discounts on procedures performed by that dentist. Since many dentists provide free screening, be sure to shop around and have several dentists provide the screening and the price for the procedure. You can choose among several options based on the recommended procedures and financial options.


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