Understanding the Process of a Teeth Whitening Dentist

Are you considering a teeth whitening procedure? You have two options – you can do it yourself or visit a dentist. A dentist will use safe and effective methods to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. The YouTube video helps prepare viewers for what to expect from a dental tooth whitening procedure.

A Beautiful Smile Worth Showing

The process starts with an initial consultation. During your visit with the dentist, you can expect an oral examination and a discussion about your expectations.

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The dentist will recommend possible teeth whitening procedures that suit your budget and desired outcome. Your options may include in-office or take-home treatment.

If you select the in-office option, you can expect the dentist to put a whitening gel on your teeth. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide. It’s the key ingredient that helps you achieve that beautiful shade of white. The dentist will use a special light or laser to help enhance and quicken the process.

At-home kits also include professional-grade gels and custom trays. The key difference is that the patient applies the gel and follows the dentist’s instructions from the comfort of their home. The results are similar to in-office treatments.

Professional teeth whitening procedures are a great way to enhance your smile. Remember, these treatments require maintenance. Ask your teeth whitening dentist about regular maintenance to prolong the results and keep your teeth whiter for longer.


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